Thursday, February 2, 2017

what day is it?

Anyhoo...the other evening I got a text asking me if it was ok to give me flowers. ♧
It was from the person who's credit card i found last week. Yep. I said that it really wasn't necessary but in the end I still ended up with a huge bouquet of tulips. (I love tulips♡) But it was so big I had to split it and put it in two different vases. 

Oh...ooooh~ i feel like I'm dying. I shit you not. My throat is so lungs are full of mucus...and my throat and neck hurts like a motherfudgeee..... yeah. Whatever. It fucking hurts really. 
And thus, I went to the doctor and tests showed that I have a virus infection. 

To put it plainly.... a God damn cold then huh? 
Well maybe a little worse lol But still. 

Anyway... I gotta go. There super special love snuggles that awaits me in our bed chambers. Pip pip! Cheerio!

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