Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Busy busy

Ok, so we had a very unproductive and slow sunday.... like... it was almost shameful. Both Frost and I were so  damn sick -_- (I'm still sick btw...) this cold has seriously been going on for almost 2 weeks. Gueh... and I've had a migraine for three days now too, but after some actually started to ease up. So I decided that yesterday and today would be really productive days instead. I can actually do shit if I decide it like that. So I said "tomorrow will be a good day and I'll get sooooo much shit done" and yay me. I was right. Sure, the migraine was a dick... but I still managed to do laundry, and make dinner (mashed potatoes and meatballs and gravy) and snuggle up and watch fun stuff with Frost.

So I woke up pretty "early" today. (7:30 lol) after spending the entire night in Freyas bed with her. She was very needy and clingy. My little gremlin... she said she had nightmares. Though I wonder if she actually knows what that means....
But anyway, yeah. Woke up. Dragged my babypuff up too haha And I made her banana paddies :D
Best part is that you barely need flour in it and no sugar. Perfect for a baby gremlin. She loves them :)

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