Thursday, February 23, 2017

snow snow and more snow!

The other day it started snowing like crazy. So I pulled Freya on her sled to daycare. She really liked that haha My little sweetie. She got so excited over the snow.

I ain't gonna lie...but so was I :D
And after that, me and mom went on some adventures. 
And eventually had lunch together too.
That was nice :3
My good mood has come back finally.

The lunch was delicious btw :D
Yum yum....

Oh right, so I'm on new meds for my EDS.... and I'm not sure how it works yet.
I mean, I know how it works.... but it hasn't showed any improvements in me yet anyway. -_-
But then again, patience is a virtue.

It's a big change for me to do this... so we'll see.
it's actually huge...and I was kinda reluctant at first.
Yeah I was weary but both mom and Frost eventually thought it was for the best so...
I gave it a shot.

It's so strange. I used to do this for my patients all the time back in the day...
(though they were dying or something...............)
I never thought I'd be having that too.... at this age.
Frost helps me every wednesday with this from now on.

And this being such an insanely strong painkiller....
my knees are still fucking painfull as hell :/ 
But hey.... it might just take some time?

frost says to be patient..... so I'll try lol
Like I said before.... it's a fucking virtue!

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