Thursday, February 16, 2017


The day started sweet yesterday, Freya watched some Daniel Tiger
 and ate a good sandwich for breakfast :D

After Freyster went to daycare, mom and I had some nice mother daughter quality time :)
It was really fun :D Even had some action too lmao I could hear my "mission impossible" theme in my head haha I was a good time with mom :)

After that, the plan was for Freya to go to grandma's house and have a sleepover. Mom gets so lonely when Lasse is out of town. haha

But before that I took my little snugglepuff out for a fika too.
Yep, we went to the coffee house nearby and she got a hot chocolate and a cinnamon bun :)
This was our own mother daughter time <3

hahaa Freya quickly became everyone's favorite in there :D The first thing she said when walking through the door was "hello!!" to everyone. And then she waved a little.  And everyone said hello back and smiled.
When I left her at the table to go get her a hot chocolate she started conversations with people in the shop too haha The best part is when you see people that looks really mean and grumpy, just light up and smile at her face. That's very sweet :)

We had a good time, and then granny walked though the door and made Freya so happy! :D

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