Thursday, February 23, 2017

some sunshine

Today the clock started ringing at 6:00. Highly unusual in our household lol
We usually go up between 7 and 8am haha

But we went to the eyeclinic this morning. Had to be there 07:50. (bleh...Zzzzz....) Frost's pupils are like SO dilated ahahaha He doesn't need glasses or anything. We'll just ignore the other eye lmao
Freya is at daycare at the moment. I hope she's having fun. I miss her..., but at the same time, it's good for her to be there. 

We're about to hit the sack and snooze a bit.... we didn't sleep at all last night. We just laid and snuggled aaaaaall night. I laid with my head on his chest snoozing, snuggling... and then he laid on my chest snoozing, and I pat his head hahaha I think we were very very tired. Yet we just couldn't fall asleep. It was impossible. Quite annoying really...I mean, when you're so sleepy but you won't fall asleep. We just laid there in a constant half asleep state. (And Freya slept all night so we coulv'e enjoyed iiiiiiit)  

Though, those snuggles were amazing <3 haha

Freya finished the evening with Daniel Tiger. She kept crying "Tigey tigey" so of course mommy will let you watch that before brushing the teeth and the bedtime story and all that jazz.
She wanted it so bad, so why not. They were learning about "instead of being angry, try using your words instead".
I've noticed that that show is actually very educational for kids her age. She watches it in english and understands it perfectly.
And she watches it in swedish when she's at grannys house.

Here's her snugglefort that I made for her.

Oh oh oh! She slept ALL night in her room last night!
That's pretty fucking awesome. I mean, she always comes in to us every night normally.

We went for her yearly check up yesterday and she got complimented by the nurse haha
Cause she's so polite and extremely compassionate and helpful.
Helps me carry stuff and bags from the store, hold lei lei's leash... 
(Obviously she can still be my little monster ahaha)
But the nurse was impressed.
And apparently it's rare for a 2 1/2 year old to be able to count to 3... so good on you Freyster.
Well, she's in a phase where she likes to sleep with us all night...
And she should do it too is what the nurse said. So that's good news :D
Cause she always wakes up at 2am and comes and crawls up on my side.
And we just love the snuggles haha


Her English and Swedish are progressing just fine. 
She understands perfectly even my long sentences in both languages.
Her motorskills are amazing. (yay) and she's a tall little doodle. 94cm. <3

Well, we started a new story last night. From the John Bauer book.
(but Elsa Beskov is a big favorite in our household)

(picture from runeberg)

pic from Lurans blog

I sure do love reading her bedtime stories. <3

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