Friday, February 17, 2017


Someone's sickly today.... her eyes are puffy and swollen. They're runny and crusty too. And she's just feeling under the weather I suppose. 

Very needy and clingy <3 A mommy's girl today.

I fixed her a nice comfortable spot in the sofa for her, so she can watch Disney Junior and just chill. 

My state is... worse I suppose.
I haven't really written about it, so why start now?
Luckily I have Frost and Freya. They both keep me entertained and busy haha

Alrighty then.... today's dinner will be chicken stew. I took out the frozen chicken broth I made a while back. It'll thaw and be ready when it's time to cook. Yup yup. Home made chicken broth is the best. 

Tomorrow Nicky and his girlfriend are coming over. And their son too :) He's supershy. It'll be fun to see how Freya reacts to him lol Her Hulk doll should make him wanna play (He's also a huge fan of the hulk, so they've got that in common)  Welp, I'm gonna continue reading about ancient Egypt now. :D

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