Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Santa Clarita Diet and things to love

I really am a typical mom huh? haha Most of what I post is either about Freyster or videogames... or how much monkey sex me and Frost have been having. Yeah. I'm just a regular mama nerd.

It's a pretty boring life I guess. Somewhat mundane...(though life would be a little easier if we had more money, cause we'd go places! wheee! Imagine the dates we could have. Whoa..) But I still find amazing stuff everyday. It's one of the things I'm good at. Small things can be so amazing to me :)

Like if Freya is extra cute or something. haha
lol she was "going on a walk" she said and got dressed.
Sadly for her, it's -6 outside so...... yeah. No.

And if me and Frost fall asleep spooning and wake up the same way 7 hours later. I like that feeling. He'd held me all night, intimacy is so fucking important. Another amazing thing is when Freya comes into our room at night and cuddles up against me while she's squished between us haha She's so warm and snuggly <3 Also, if someone suddenly shows up with a cup of coffee. Mmm...
Or when me and Frost laugh so hard at something, you'd think we'd be stoned haha I love when he laughs. <3

I went to get the IV today. Those things usually don't take very long.... but for some reason it was extremely hard for the nurses to find a vein and out the needle in -_- Man did I suffer. It took them 1 hour and 15 minutes to just get a vein that would let the blood flow properly.
God it was fucking painful........they dug around in there like Indiana Jones looking for that damn treasure.... (and they did all that after I told the nursing students how painful it is if you dig into a vein to put it "right" and also if you prick someone in the same hole again to try again and shit...gosh..that pain...bluuaaagh...) So, yeah. The lady dug around in it. But I forgave her cause she was really trying very hard for my sake so we wouldn't have to stick it in my hands or feet. Unfortunately, the other nurse had already pricked me in the wrists........................................  eventually the third nurse got it right and we all sighed of relief. Even the students haha So all in all, I was there for well over 2 hours. Hopefully this'll help me feel better. I'm a little anemic so I hope I'll feel well rested and whatnot.

Anyhoooooooooooooo..... picking up Freya from daycare was a delight though! And she made a name sign :) And she was so proud of it. <3 Seriously. She even showed it to ALL the clerks at the pharmacy haha And then the ones at the store too lol
lots of sparkles and cutesy stuff. She got praised by everyone. Which made her even prouder lol So we hung it up on her door. She's finally at that creative age. Gaah we're gonna have so much fun!

What else...what else... ah, I ordered a bunch of beautiful and cute beads for Freya so she can make necklaces and bracelets. She wanted to make some for moimoi and Latte. And mama and daddy too. Daaaaw... and one for Djeen too. So I figured I'd let her have some fun. And we can have fun together!

(pic from google)

Man, I make good food. Seriously. I never thought about it...but I really do. It's delicious. Tomorrow we're doing one of Freysters favorites. Spaghetti and ground beef sauce. Yay.

What else is on the list for tomorrow.... #TheDaysOfaMom
Dinner, mopping the floors.... hmm.. oh and mom is picking up Freya & Wille from daycare tomorrow as well, and what else...........Frost vacuuming naked (I can totally make him do that...) and dusting, watching some Crazy ex-girlfriend......and sex, oh yeah. Lots and lots of sex. Snuggles and sex. lol

Talking about Crazy Ex Girlfriend, that is one fucking hilarious show! I mean, this show can make me laugh so hysterically. How can not have seen this until now?! God.

BLAM! I love that chick. She's incredible. haha The character she plays is totally and completely INSANE. I shit you not haha She is crazy.
You guys have to watch this!

And also, Frost and I watched the entire season of The Santa Clarita Diet as soon as it was released on Netflix. AND OMFG IT WAS AWESOME! We laughed so fucking hard! I may even have peed myself a little from laughing so hard haha

This show should be seen by everyone with eyes. Seriously.
If you don't laugh to this.... there's something seriously wrong with you. And I mean that with the utmost concern. Like really... you should get that checked.
I gotta say, this is one of the best series I've ever seen.

Snuggle time! I just know that Frost's booty is missing my claws right now. hahaha

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