Wednesday, June 27, 2012

now would you look at that

I was the first one to get tossed away like trash.... and now they're throwing away my friends like trash as well. Hah, why on earth would anyone ever wanna work for the commune when they treat us like shit?

Aaah... I feel bad for my friends. They have kids. :/ Well, they have husbands to help them though, but still. That job, was our life.

I spent everyday there. 7 days a week. 14 hours a day most of the time. To loose it sucked balls and I seriously did cry a lot. But now I'm more in like a hate - mode towards my useless old boss. She can go fuck herself.

I'ma head back there this winter, cause they'll get another boss then. I'ma stomp in there and put my foot down and show them how disgustingly awesome I am and work there yet again.

But as long as my current boss is there, NO. Biggest most incompetent idiot I've ever come across.

I hope things work out for my friends though...

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