Wednesday, May 31, 2017


This day has been nice...but oh so slow..
I noticed that a migraine was creeping up on me. I knew that it'd hit me later in the afternoon.  Uuuugh... And so it did. 
So I slept bit...and just chilled. Eventually Frost came and gave me 2 painkillers to help numb the pain. But unfortunately these migraines don't get affected much by my heavy painkillers. Which is weird I suppose... Since they're enough to knock out a baby hippy lol I'm kidding. But I did take a pretty strong dose. 

So now I'm laying in the sofa with Freya, watching Carebears ❤❤❤

And I'm also playing 'Ryse, son of Rome' (I kinda wanted to play The Walking Dead, but I don't want to play it in front of a her. I don't wanna give her nightmares. ) 

Oh! Tomorrow is Happy Thursday  ❤
Yep, my friend is coming over in the morning and we'll all go play with the kids. Choo choo trains,  animal petting and looking at cool stuff and possibly even a carousel ride of she wants it. Haha it's gonna be a hoot.
And on Friday we've got dinner plans, in a ridiculously expensive restaurant. But oh well, it better taste fucking delicious, and luckily my brother is gonna watch Freya while we're out ☺
Well shit... My good mood just turned to God damn fucking donkey shit. And my head is killing me... 
Helvetes fucking jävla fitta.
Aaaaaah there. I got it out of my system,  and now I feel so much better.

Time to play some hardcore online with Stacy.

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