Friday, November 16, 2012


Oh oh oh oh ! Hey :D How are you?

Me and snuggletree are listening to some real good music right now. At the moment it's Guns n Roses but it's mostly been irish music yep :)

Soooo, I ate some real fucking delicious chicken earlier. Mmm... and potato..something something. (memory of a goldfish) Anyway. It was AWESOME. Bought some cigarettes, beer and lemonade and treaty treats for meeeeeee. hah. And hot chocolate! Gotta have hot chocolate when the days are turning colder. it's rather cosy sipping on hot chocolate then...or coffee. :)

i tried taking pictures here and there as well. Pretty neat for being taken in a speedy car aye? :) I think I did well. PRAISE ME. Praise me now!

Anyhooooooow...It's Big Bang theory tonight. New episode! Schweeet! Must watch. And then there's a new episode of the League. And The latest episode of American Horror Story that came out yesterday. If ya'll haven't see it yet. DO IT. Old school horror as it should be. Pretty much awesome actually.

See...I call this word vomit or word poop. My words just go BLAAAARGH. Nothing of importance to say, yet EVERYTHING I say is of importance. Get it? haha Never mind.

I'ma eat a cookie now. Judy made Cranberry tea out of all the cranberries she had. My guess is it's amazing for my bladder. haha I shall be like a human again! lmao So drink it I shall. Rawr....

Oh too much info? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw I'm sorry (No I'm not. it's my world) But anyway. Movie night! weeeeh!
I'm in 'attack Frost mode' now. ROAAAAR!

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