Thursday, June 29, 2017

I'm above that

I just saw that I got a comment the other day that I forgot to check.
I showed it to Frost and he started laughing lol I couldn't help but to giggle a little bit myself then. Cause his laughter is so contagious... <3  
But it's probably mostly cause I'm kinda childish that way lmao I can't help it.

We've had a good day :D We went to town... Looked at weird art.. (It's open art in town now. And some shit is just plain weird. Like A fort of chairs, or a blue road with a blue giant chameleon. Yeah.. it was weird. But I suppose that's what it's all about) What else? Meh.. we just sat down on a bench and watched the people and the castle. Drank some coffee and just chilled. I love hanging out with this dorkface. haha I'm glad you can't hear what we were talking about in the video hahahaha

well you'll have to excuse my pale unpainted face. I didn't feel like putting on makeup.

Frost got an email from some chick that works for some company saying how she was interested in Frosts merits and that they might call him from the other branches too. That's pretty neat.
He's still employed at his original job as a "montör" as we like to call it in sweden, but I still hope he gets something else with more pay and hours :D

Got some funny texts from people throughout the day too haha Man, I've gotta admit that I have amazing friends. they're gold worth. ❤ You're all awesome, and I fucking love you guys 

And also, I won't be posting some of your comments, simply cause I ain't here to start a war. I write about everything, and I don't tell lies, I'm proud of being who I am... and I'd like to keep it this way :) Posting your comments would open up a new chapter from a book that's already been closed.
So let's just be peaceful <3

I'm pointing at you S.P.   Be nice :P 

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