Wednesday, June 21, 2017

An hour

lmao Something out of the ordinary happened.

Me and Nathalie just spoke on the phone, for almost AN HOUR! haha (see, that's superrare for us haha)
That never happens. We don't really like to talk too much on the phone. Though today we laughed quite a bit. ehehe...

Neither of us are phone people. I don't like to talk on the phone usually. I like it with certain people though. Like mom, Frost, Natta, Onka, Stevie, and my sister (though she's not much of a talker while on the phone haha) She could call sometimes just to have company, and then in the end I had to do all the talking ahahahaha she'd giggle whenever I told her that too XD
Anyway, Freya was wishing Josse a good night last night. She wanted to call her and tell her night night, but then she suddenly got too tired and said 'Moyoow Waav yoo!' (Tomorrow, Love you!) So I had to promise that Freya could call either Josse for a good night talk tonight, or Granny. It's up to Freyster.
 I'm so excited about this weekend :D
Weeeeiii! Frost & Freya are both very excited to go on a bus for over 2 and a half hours :) Me too haha Not sure about LeiLei, I hope she doesn't have diarrhea that day -_-
But I'm sure we'll have a superawesome weekend. Good food, fun people, lots of love and games :D It'll be freakin' hoot I tell ya.

Might be nice to get away a little, pretend that I don't have any problems and that I'm not sick etc. Yeah, we all need to get away from time to time.
Me and Frost will kick everyone's ass in "Kubb" too! BOYAAH!
Y'all should learn to play kubb. It really is fun.

Have a good day now doodels!

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