Saturday, June 24, 2017

Happy midsummer

On the way there, Freyster & dad fell asleep after like 30 minutes. The ride was like 2 and a half hours long....and they slept for the most part of it tbh. Thank God for that too,  cause Freya had a rough time. 😟 she got motion sickness and then so did Frost. (yeah I had to worry about getting puked on from two different angels, so it was kinda nice that she fell asleep on her papa) 

It felt awesome to see Freya so happy ❤
She's been running around aaaaall weekend, and Lei lei has been running around like crazy too ❤ Hahaha 
Two little doodles running around like maniacs lol 

Aaah but the bed. Good God... The bed... It was fucking awful. I didn't sleep a wink. I was in so much pain. Jaysus... (I shit you not, I tripled my doses on painkillers and it still don't help) 

Yeah.. It's been a 8 on the pain scale today.  😑 
And I was even lucky enough to get a migraine. Yaaaay.... 
Which btw almost made me puke on the busride home lmao 

But anyway, I've managed to have fun despite the pain. Yep yep. Kicked ass in poker yesterday too. Boom. 

Freya's been having a good time, and she's been a good girl too. She's actually staying there one more day so she'll come home tomorrow. (it might sound lame to some...but I seriously miss her like crazy already. Haha I always love being with Freyster) 
Both of us miss her a lot ❤
You know, I used to know girl, that never wanted to be with her kid. I mean, she couldn't wait to get rid of her kid all the time. And I could never relate to that... Cause I always loved having Freya around. (still do, duh) So I could never relate to any of the weird shit she had going on actually. In my opinion, your child always comes first. But she always put men before being a mom.
And I think that's why our friendship fell apart too....
Yeah... I think I might've been subconsciously mean to her cause I didn't really like who she was. (I generally don't like cheaters, or bad mothers...or women who trades everything for a man, even her selfworth)
Jeez. You know, for a while I kinda felt sorry for her man....yeah. I kinda pitied him.
But theeeeeen I heard how he is behind her back soooo... Yeah. I stopped feeling sorry for that asshole. Both of them kinda suit each other. lol

Aaaaaaaaaaaand I don't make any sense... Haha this story seriously escalated sooo hard. hahaha it doesn't even have anything to do with anything.

Moving on. The whole point was that I miss my daughter when she away yep.


  1. You are really showing your real colors, childish bitch.

  2. Lol hi anonymous comment. I wonder who you are, we all know you. The whole city knows you. Bike for saleeeeeee. Vroom vroom. When's daddy number 14 appearing?


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