Monday, April 17, 2017


I hope everyone had a good Easter this year :D

We sure did anyway. Freya had such a fun time too.
And my friends and family spoiled her like crazy. She had such a good easter.
She seemed very pleased lol
Both Nathalie & Patricia spoiled her like... wow! haha She had a fun time going around as an easter witch saying Happy Easter and handing out a little easter picture. She's still nibbling on the banana chips my sister gave her. She got quite a few easter eggs from people this year as well.
Next year we'll make it an even bigger event :) (I'm thinking a big easter breakfast or something with eggpainting and so on)

After that we went home and rested a little before heading home to mom for the annual easter dinner. Which was delicious btw. Mmmmm....

An easter success I'd say.
I realized after gobbling down the amazing stew my mom made for dinner... that we're getting so old. Cause I was SO god damn tired after the dinner.... even Frost admitted that he was so sleepy. So Freya got to stay over at mom's place over the night as planned, and we went home and napped for a few hours lol Best nap ever though. Yup.

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