Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Spring is here!!

We went to go grill some hotdogs and stuff out in the nature the other day, and we had so much fun :D It always makes me happy to see Freya laugh and smile like that <3





We had a great day! I'm so happy that my daughter have such a huge loving family.
And she's got the best grandparents ever. I was just thinking that particular day that I always wondered what it was like to have loving grandparents or a loving dad etc... Cause I have no idea what it's like. I mean, my grandparents on my mothers side died early....and the ones on my dads side... well. everyone on that side is very cold. (towards me anyway... they favored my cousin more than me) But Freyster.... she's got it all. She is so loved. And that makes me happy <3


  1. But your family super loves you nooow! ��
    Besides, films and whatnot set unreal expectations about what extended family is supposed​ to be like. Ain't nobody got a grandfather that makes ships in a bottle and reads talltales to all the cousins while grandmother makes peanut butter cookies and lemonade from a passed down recipe with the little bastards getting to help her. Ppl think that's how it is, but 9 times outta 10 it isn't for anyone. Unfortunately, life isn't The Divine Secrets of the Mystic Traveling Yaya Pantshood. In the real world Pawpaw is a drunk, racist war vet that hates granny. Granny only married him cause you needed two to make it and she's bitter her life wasn't a romance novel. Dad isn't away on business,'Cause he's drunk, at home, barely making ends meet to support a family he didn't anticipate early in his life. Mom isn't sewing a beautiful dress for her daughters, she's way too angry for that. Why? Because Dad isn't Casablanca and she's much too old and weary to start over again. After all, she's the glue holding this patchwork family dream together, if she can only make it one more day.

    So, Here's looking at you, kid. Everyone wanted awesome, mythical people like that in their life. But that shit just doesn't happen in real life.
    Freya is very lucky to have a few solid characters in her life, but it still isn't that ideal amazeballs perfect childhood experience Hollywood convinced people is the norm. Nope. Only real life.

    1. Damn, that was deep babe <3 But your'e right. She is very lucky to have these few solid characters in her life. At least her grandparents adore her :)


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