Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The subject of my happiness

So I'm at work, all bundled up under a warm cosy blanket. I may or may not have slept for a moment. (if I did, then good for me) I'm about to make dinner. But that'll take some time so I have extra time under the blanket ⌒.⌒

Looks like the next two paychecks will be shitty as hell. Boo. ¬_¬ Not too happy about that. But we'll survive. It'll still cover our expenses so it ain't the end of the world.

Plus I can always work extra at the other place I guess. :3

Apparently Freya is nibbling on a chicken bit at home. Frost said last time she was sick that 'when you're sick you get to eat chicken bits and other tasty stuff.' Hahah So she's happily nomming on one by herself. As you can see the joy is overflowing haha

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