Monday, November 16, 2015

Latest The walking dead

I enjoyed this latest episode of  The Walking Dead
But damn it Daryl... You're just too sweet. And then they just fuck you in the a$$ -_-
Fucking asswankers that stole his shit. Imagine if Rick would see them coming on his bike.
LoL. It'd be a huge BANG... aaaaand they're dead. He'd be furious to see Daryl's bike.

It annoyed the fuck out of me. Gah. haha

Oh buuuuuuuuuuut...
 a little bird whispered in my ear that the cast of Supernatural
signed up for 5 more seasons. YAAAY!
(let's prey to the god of prosperity that it is truuuuue)

My work week is finally over. And I have three days off. Finaaaallyyyy....Aaah..
It feels nice. Watched The Walking Dead, ate a saffron bun. I took a loooong warm shower, and I look like the leader of a rock band in the 60's. (My hair want's to lay a certain way, even though I always pull it to the side..but today it just wanted to lay in the middle. It look awful.) All I need is a strap around my head and a groovy tune in the background and I'm good to go.

this is what I looked like as soon as I got out of the shower...

Aaaand now this:

Talking about groovy tunes.
One of the best songs ever right here:

Ya'll should just lay back, and listen to this song and enjoy your monday.
Monday's are fundays. Sometimes. hahaha

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  1. I weep a little every time I hear Carry on my wayward son. YOU KNOW ITS BAD NEWS SPN STARTS PLAYING THAT SONG.

    I cri everitim.


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