Sunday, November 29, 2015

I hate everything right now

I need to see the doctor, cause my throat hurt so bad. It's so fucking swollen, it feels like an open wound.  Everything hurts.

And I get fucking pressure from everywhere around me.
Sooo many ' ME ME ME. '

Enough is enough. Ungrateful idiots should stay in their fucking pits of shit.

So if you don't have anything good to bring, keep your fucking distance.
Keep your nagging, bullshit and pity party to yourself.
I don't need to hear bad shit all the time.

Welp, haters gonna hate.

Anyway.... I love Jessica Jones :D Such a good show.

And yesterday Nathalie dropped by and played some CoD with me.
We had like the best run EVER. 39 kills, and 8 deaths.  IT WAS AMAZING.
Nathalie had her best score so far too! Guess we're a good team. She's got an xbox one too so she's my gamer buddy haha

I'm waiting for Frost to be done with his shower now.........cause I really need to take a dump.
Aaah the troubles in our world. lol

Oh it's snowing! Rainy snow. BUT SNOW.
Frost says sleet. i say SNOOOOW!

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  1. put them in the pits where they belong *^*

    Also, go to the doctor with that throat of yours pls <3


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