Sunday, November 15, 2015

My day off

Well I'm at work now...
But yesterday I had half a day off :)

So I made an awesome toast for Frost, and then one for me. Mom picked me up from work (for various reasons lol) and then she and Lasse took Freya to town. The plan was to sleep while they were gone but that just didn't happen haha

Freya was wiiiiiiiild last night. But fell asleep within a minute on my chest at bedtime. D'aaaaw ♡ Moments like that melts my heart.

But now I'm just...laying around. On A's sofa to be exact. She's playing candy crush or something and I just finished watching the latest on supernatural and now I'm watching C.S.I: Cyber. So far so good. But we'll see what nt final opinion is.

Ah... There's something that's bugging me. And worrying me... It's the fact that scabs are going in the home service care. (its a secret too apparently) We have home service people coming home to A to help me lift and shit.... And now they have their huge blue aprons.

So I will kindly decline their help if they wear it. Only awful thing is that I was close to one of them this Friday. It makes me paaaaaanic. Though luckily I'm safe :)

But for now I'll keep a huge distance. This ain't cool man. They should have a patient like that and then go to others and spread that shit. Not cool bro.

Urgh... Makes me shiver.
I don't know what I'd do if I got scabs.. I have a little baby girl at home. I'd rather kill myself than let her have it. Imagine the pain a wee one would go through...they don't understand why it itches and why you shouldn't itch. It just itches so THEY ITCH LIKE CRAZY. I could never do that to her.

I guess I'd have to... Well I don't know. Where the fuck would I go? Haha
Luckily it only transfers via touch so..  Keeping distance from the people in the health care for now. They ain't giving me that shit. Nuh uh. I'm not touching ANYONE or getting close to them either.

I ain't even supposed to know this. It's classified.
But when you have peers in the business, they don't keep secrets that well haha Thank god for that cause I'd rather know if they come in with diseases and itches. Yep.

I think Jonas noticed my distance. Haha
We're usually very close him and I. But I am sooooo not taking any chances. Nope.

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  1. Awwweeee... The Destiel pic I sent youuu <33333333333
    No one touches my human <3


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