Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Today, yesterday any day.

Yesterday was an extremely shitty day. It sucked so bad. Sooo many bad things.

I worked, oh and when I was gonna go home from work I noticed I had a flat fucking tire. Ad I needed to (oversharing here, but I'm the master of this blog so I don't care!) take a shit so bad. I mean, do you understand how horrible it is to know you need to poop so desperately but you're soooo far away home AND YOU HAVE TO WALK ALL THE FUCKING WAY HOME!? And on top of that I had a motherfucking blister on my pinky toe. What.the.actual.fuck is wrong with my luck recently? Jeez.

Is it cause I'm miserable? Cause bad luck don't make you any less miserable. ¬_¬

And I went to the dentist (Frost had to come with me cause I started to panic (who am I kidding... I had been panicking for days. I was terrified lol) but he came along and I had to drill away HALF my friggin' tooth. Gaah...the next step would've beeb a root canal with I SO DON'T WANT. Just the thought of that gave me diarrhea. Uurgh....

My employer seem to think like Frost and I about my karma.. I must've been a monster in my past life. And my employer was probably my general or something cause I've noticed that she gets bad luck and is kinda  affected by my shit a lot hahaha Sad but true. It's gotta be some past shit cause I can't come up with anything bad I've done. I'm not a angel of course, but I've apologized for things I've done wrong, I'm honest about how I feel and what I say. And I'm usually pretty fun and nice. (unless you're a bitch. I don't like bitches...) But anyway.


And right now I'm at work (my main job) chillaxing on the couch. Considering taking a nap.... My employer is angry with me today :D  Cause I might have the stomach flu hahahahaha. Poop poop puke everywhere! Tis what happens when you can't find personal working for ya when you're sick 😷 lol But it's probably not that... Maybe. But my tummy is hurting SO bad. Bleh. I'm not puking and pooping lol but it feels like I could. And my employer does NOT want poop and puke. Tehe~

I miss my family today though <3

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