Monday, November 2, 2015

Poor weasel.

Aaaaaaaaw...Not again   :(

Look who has a fever yet again. A high one at that.
After a ton of snuggles, naps, strawberry flavored quark & chocolate milk... her mood has improved.

Frost is tickling her now. haha And she's laughing and smiling so that's a relief.

Tomorrow is my first day at work since I got meningitis... yay.
(I'm a tiny bit nervous tbh.. just a wee bit. Not much. But enough to make me notice it lol)
Sucks that I have to go now that Freya's sick too. But daddy watches over her like a hawk so I'm not worried :3

Just in time for work tomorrow. It's like fate haha Now I can actually keep the pain under a some-what decent control... (Though I need to call the doc and up the dose a bit -_-) I'm also working saturday, 12:30 to 21:00 at my extra job. Sweet. Plus two hours on Thursday. It's swimming time with a colleague and my employer. And yes. I am panicking about it. I'm huge now (Though I've already started the diet. yay me DOESN'T change the fact that I haven't lost enough till fucking thursday. DUH.) The bathingsuit is hideous. It's kinda got a half bare back and I look like fucking Shamu in it.

It'll be a great day. *dies slowly on the inside every time I wear it* Yep. It'll totally be a great day. But there's still a few days till Thursday. Who knows? I might get hit by a truck before then?


  1. Oh you'll be pretty af in the swimsuit. Don't even worry about it~
    also, you will have water up to your hair anyway ;3

    1. Aaaaw,, that's sweet haha Buuuuut Shamu still has to make it's way down to the pool from the changing rooms -_- DEVASTATING!


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