Monday, November 23, 2015

The Sunday and Friday

Well I just realized I forgot to post a few pics and shit.

Basically, our baby free Friday went by fast. Duh.
I had coffee with Nathalie for an hour or so...

Aaaand me and my honey just played videogames and other stuff.
It's sad to admit this, but the tiredness came like a slap in the face as soon as I left Freya at her granny's place. I could've fallen asleep right then and there. Blah. haha

Anyway. The weened went by. We've been to town, got some new stuff. And two new lipsticks :3 tehee~

And on Sunday we went to feed the ducks. Buuuut Freya fell asleep and missed out on the whole duck experience... so that sucked. haha

 She's gotten sick again btw. A stupid nasty cold yet again. She's got a fever, and probably some new teeth coming too, cause she's been refusing to eat for a few days now. I manage to make her drinking quark with whipped cream and nutritious stuff so it's all good. She ain't starving. 
(But she had me worried there for a while.) Welp, hopefully she'll be better tomorrow. Cause I'm going to work :/ 
It'd make me happy knowing that she'd be ok having fun with her dad.

And this is my doodle today. Runny nose, crying all the time and snuggly LIKE HELL.
I love snuggles.

It's time for some Ash VS The Evil Dead, Call Of Duty, and then maybe Blindspot?

Ah, how bout that latest episode of The Walking Dead? *yay*



  2. Replies
    1. Ja? I know... Jag var den som bad dig komma över. Vadårå?

    2. Var det någe speciellt som gjorde att jag borde tagit upp det på bloggen?

      Om jag ska skriva om alla jag träffar så måste jag ju nämna Anna som jag träffade efter dig, Stina dagen efter, min bror på fredagen. Jag skrev heller inte att familjen var och hälsade på samtidigt som du..

      Jag skriver oftast bara om sånt om jag har ett foto att posta tex. Självklart nämner jag ju vänner till och från annars också. DU precis lika ofta som andra.

      This is NOT because anyone is better than one another. But because I write what pops up in MY mind at that moment I'm writing the post. Simple as that.


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