Saturday, November 7, 2015

It's friday night

Apart from the coffee update I haven't really made many updates this week.

It's...a few hours after midnight... only 5 hours left of work for me now.


I'm eating grapes, drinking water and just meh.

I want to sleep tbh haha In a warm cozy bed. But then again, this is gives me an awesome paycheck. Plus night time plus weekend. Woooh~ Nice moneeh!

Plus I felt like I could work and get my mind off shit. It's good for me.
Blow off some steam.

Once again bitches ain't got nothing better to do than to talk.
Young ones are often very annoying that way.
A pinch of inanity, one cup of gossip, one huuuge cup of indiscretion, and a dash of complaints and voilá. Behold the flaming bullshit souflé. Just sprinkle some cunthairs on it and it's done!

They know nothing about life, about people, Truth doesn't matter much in their circles.
Well.. Some of your complaints was...well... due to my laziness I suppose :) (I'm mature enough to admit my faults and shit)  But some of it was just pure bullshit. Like, the fuck? One of you, I haven't even MET. How can you have anything to say?! No one seems to realize this either. Uuhm...ya'll don't find it strange that she has things to say about me?

I am definitely very fascinated by this lady. Can't wait to meet her.
Really. Caaaan't wait.

I shall just continue doing my thing. I'll work fucking hard and continue on with my shit. Yep. I'll hold a grudge though. Till for-fucking-ever.

I don't see why I was picked to be trashtalked about though?
I barely know any of you. I find it weird that people can have such opinions if they don't know the person.
It's like...hating a movie without watching it. Don't you think?

At least I watched 50 shades of Grey so I can say it's a fucking sick and crappy movie.

Maybe you should watch the movie called 'Don't fuck with Jo.'

You'd love it.

Well, this was just small shit. Small opinions. But they still pissed me off.
Talking behind ones back and shit. Fuck that.
THAT'S what made me angry. Not your fucking lies and opinions.

Oh, and here's the worst part about them!
So incredibly normal it's boring.

Like the same things everyone else does. No interests or hobbies of their own.
Just mainstream people. Boooooooooooooooooring.

 I don't like sweet people. To me their "sweetness" is the same as being fake.
If they can't say it to my face, then don't fucking say it all. 
That's my philosophy anyway.
- Mama Jo

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  1. Hah! Oh! I remember this from out talk yesterday!
    "Talking shit about people is not particularly sweet anyways..." - yours truly.

    Anyways. you do your thing and you show them how fucking awesome you can be, with or without their support. Who needs dickheads like them when you have awesome people like meeeeeeeeeeee~ ;D


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