Friday, November 20, 2015

Lilla Doris

Poor little Doris is at the vet right now. She's got an infected paw and I bet it hurts like crazy. Mom said she wont even move cause of the pain.
Makes me wonder how my sister is doing. Doris is her whole world. Literally. I bet Josse is very worried and sad... :(

Well, the good thing is that this animal hospital here is really good. Their doctor is excellent. SO Doris is obviously in good hans. On the other hand... my sister ain't made out of money so shieäll be super poor now.

Buuuut the things you'll do for the ones you love aye?

I hope Doris will get better fast <3

So today's Friday. And Freya is going to granny's house. YAY.
I'm pakcing some stuff for her that she can have with her (that can stay there too haha)
Frost is in the kitchen right now making steaks and fries. Mmmm..... yum. He's so good at it too.
Gotta have chili bearnaise sauce with those fries too. *ooomnomnom* He makes delicious steaks, that man.
And later tonight we'll be going out for dinner. WOHO! If I'm not too full, we'll be trying out Burger Love. They've got awesome burgers, cool fries and shakes. Just a bunch of nice stuff really. And cheesecake.

I really needed this weekend off. I'm gonna sleep and just relax.

(obviously not my photo.)

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