Sunday, April 24, 2016


I've come to the conclusion that since I have a hard time trusting people, and a hard time letting people get to know me... that makes those I've let close a lot more special right? Which makes betrayal even harder.

So, if one or two of those special people left me without saying fucking shit... I honestly don't see how I could forgive them. 
If you can read my blog, it ain't that hard to leave a comment, is it?
Unless both of ya'll somehow ended up like, in a come or prison without internet... Even if you're homeless, you can still use a friends laptop, the library... what-the-fuck-ever. And say: Hey...we won't be able to keep in touch for a while. Or just be honest: We don't wanna be friends anymore. Well alrighty then. Too bad.

So why did I worry? Well the reason was simply cause I liked you two very much. We were such good friends.
And one day you were just gone. Without a trace. Not a message or anything. Not even a 'bye'.

Thanks to Marty backing me and always being sweet and loyal... I saw things a little clearer.

See, the first year all I did was worry. And I just wanted to hear from them. Cause naturally you worry about your friends. Duh. I mean they disappeared. But then I realized some shit. (actually through Nathalie)

And now I'm kinda starting to realize that we were never friends were we?

Ya'll just deleted your shit, your accounts. That tells me you had the time to delete your facebook, or block me, thus you had time to tell me too. You could've told me. You could've said Bye.

So, with this... I say Good Bye.

 Oh, and even if you're stuck at a mental asylum or whatever... I'd still not forgive you. I have a close friend who was recently there. Yeah. And even she contacted me to tell me where she was and what was going on.
That's what friends do. They don't leave each other <3

Well i just left a fun message on that assbutts FB, I had to use a friends fb though. But I think I got the message through. It was extremely short haha

So Adios. We had a nice run I guess.


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    1. Sötnöt! Tack för att du öppnade ögonen på mig <3

    2. du är sötnöten ♥ så glad jag är att du mår lite bättre nu och kan släppa dem ♥ You deserve superb friends!

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    1. well yeah. I just got a little smarter I guess :) This friend of mine... she and her boyfriend just vanished. Like totally gone. After saying how important I am to them... there's seriously not a good enough reason to not say anything to me. Send a letter, google my address, write through someone else's facebook if you can't from your own. A bye would've been nice if they wanted to continue the friendship. Not saying anything at all just shows that I wasn't worth that. That's not how friends treat each other. Even I wrote YOU when I had to end our friendship, and I explained thoroughly so you'd understand that I still cared about you. The bitchy way to do it would've been t just cut you off. Without a word. But since I do consider you a friend, I did what I though was best.
      These friend couldn't show me that respect. And I honestly cared about Xiomara. Remember her?

  3. It's good that you can recognise that you have made the right decsion a lot of people don't have the will power to do that or the life skills, so props to you for that. Well one thing I have taken from life on my journey is that it can be funny and a bitch at the same time. You can believe you have everything in order. A good friend base, loving family and a good job and then it can end in a moment of madness, how we deal with these bad situations gives us good character, how we deal with feeling pain gives us good charecter, I believe you are a good judge of character too. So relax the situation will pass, I'm not saying don't be angry I am saying be angry, sad, scream, laugh or smile do what YOU need to do to handle the situation. People's opinion or judgements do not define you or your family. Your actions and how you deal with that define you. All I have to say on the situation is yes I remember her, she WAS sweet to you and I was always happy to hear your storys about you and her and it's her loss. If her and her man want to grow not enjoying your, frost and Freya's company then sod them, sod them because they don't sound worth it. Pitty then and move on with your family and continue building a great environment for your family to continue growing their loss.. Pitty... Remember people are inconsiderate rude arseholes at times. I'm sure you've made the right decsion because you know these people and know what's best for you. I hope you continue to laugh, smile and be happy in life and fuck the rest, they're fuckers. :)

    1. The funny part is though that the last message chris wrote was "aaaws, I see a lot of Jo in her" when he saw a video of Freya. See, no trace of us not being good pals. My message I gave them now was simply 'Hey, you don't know me. But do you remember Joanna? Yeah. She has a message for you and Mandy. It's: You guys can go fuck yourselves :D ' hahaha
      I used my friends facebook. I felt like being childish lol I'm a little slow like that....... it took me a year to realize that THEY actually ditched me. I worried for nothing. And I don't need people like that in my life. Anything that's harmful to my mood, I get rid off. By harmful I mean it's actually making me sad or angry a lot. I see no reason to have those kind of people in your life that makes one sad or angry all the time at all? Instead I'd like to keep people that are nice, loyal and caring :) I'd rather put my energy on those friends :D (You should live like that too Stevie, only be with those who gives you a nice feeling)
      Weeeeeell Shit happens. I'm not really hurt. I don't feel much about it at all. Once I came to realize that they just left me... the emotions kinda just disappeared with them. Once a person crosses me like that, I have zero problem with deleting them out of my mind. I would get pissed off like crazy though if they tried contacting me again. Yep. Cause it'd be disrespectful of them. I'd be fucking furious. See I can handle if someone say's that they don't wanna be my friend. Like, fine..your loss. :D But I didn't even get that. Nope. They always said for 5 fucking years how they wished to move here to sweden, and we could be neighbors and so on...And now I feel like I hope they get stuck with a bunch of crazy ass mormons in Utah, and they can never escape. HAHA! Gotta have some humor right? ;D I'm all good now!

  4. I have to say I agree with you there. And that is how I live my life. There is no point in having someone in your life if they do not benefit you in anyway. When I say benefit I mean offer something, it can be anything, friendship is a too way street and there has to be something offered by the two party's... I don't know and you don't know why they did what they did maybe they believe they had good reasons to do it, but yeah sod them and expand your wings. One thing I take seriously is trust, there has to be trust it's not something you can build over night it takes months maybe even years. It's okay not to trust people when you are not ready. We always put pressure on ourselves to be and act like what we see in movies or newspapers and worry about how the world will see us when In fact we should be ourselves and if people don't like that then what's the point in wasting energy on them? We also never give ourselves much credit too? The fact that you have recognised how you feel is a big step because it takes a lot for someone to step back and say well I feel this way or that way and truly mean it.. It's important not to judge, it's so easy to judge but that's what comes as being human a guess. It's good you have a support network too and you kin come on here and blast your feelings away like cheap popcorn in an ikea microwave no sure if ikea sell microwaves? Their hot dogs are shite though.. Anyway keep being you and have fun with life.


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