Friday, April 22, 2016

The days off

Well change of plans. Guess I'll be staying home tomorrow. Great.

And Freya got a rash that's hurting apparently... I don't understand what it is though. She's crying non stop almost. I ain't even allowed to look at it. She gets supermad when I do. Silly weasel.

Anyway... I forgot to tell you guys.
Yesterday I got an early birthday gift. Frost gave it to me since it seemed like I was so miserable. (Which I was.) My body was being a total douchebag. Still is.

But that gift was awesome! It's like a massage/vibrating seat that I can use in a chair, sofa, bed or in the car. It really gave my bloodvvessels a kickstart lol it felt fucking amazing. I fell asleep on it twice. ehe.. Amazeballs.

Moving on. I feel like shit. Literally today. But I've got cute photos of the Freyatron, and that's always cool. :3
We had a bunch of fun in the park the other day. :) She's getting wilder and wilder these days.

Oh, and I also got a new phone. A Sony Xperia M4.
Thaaaaank yoooou!
I'm still earning about it. It's quite different from an Iphone. Yep.
Big step. Big step. I'm bad with changes.

Now if you'll excuse me. I'm gonna go die in a corner somewhere.
I feel so shitty. And it hurts. Blah. 

My new massage thingy might be able to cheer me up though.

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