Saturday, April 9, 2016


I swear my workplace is so fucking haunted. It's insane. It's been a tough night. The noises grew louder and louder. The pitter patter and the knocking grew louder and more frequent. In the end I moved my shit to a relaxing room instead. The knocking a and all the fucking shit continued though. Was I being paranoid? No.

Cause I'm not the only one who hears it. And everyone's seen the lights flicker.

I asked my friend this morning before I left about that and she said that it's been getting scarier and scarier.. And many of them are considering doing something about it. Including my boss. She won't close the door to her office anymore.

I tell you, that place is so haunted...

So I turned o a little fox demon and drove them away lol
Or not.

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