Thursday, April 7, 2016

Good morning world

It's a nice morning ain't it?
I mean, the weather is kinda crappy but it still feels like a good morning.

Mornings like these remind me of when I used to work with my mom as we go to work on our bikes together in this kind of weather. I don't know why I get so nostalgic in misty rainy weather but I enjoyed working those mornings outside in the rain. I was warm inside my rain jacket. And I used to sit and clean the graves and fix the flowers and so on (I worked in a cemetery)

I was just thinking how I miss that kind of work. Manual labor so to speak. But I know how people has treated my mother in that kind of work, so I know for sure that I probably wouldn't be happy there.

Plus, not that many jobs beat the job I've got now. I get naps, great pay. It's a non-stressful environment (usually lol) and I get to watch my shows and read my comics there. Sure, it can be rough physically sometimes but with that pay... I don't care. I've got pills to deal with that haha

Wow... This turned out to be a longer post huh? Well I just wanted to say good morning and tell you about the weather haha I'm on the bus now, on my way to work. I'm working extra long this shift. I start 07:45 today and it ends around noon tomorrow. And then I go home, take a nap and then go to my other job to work the nightshift. I like the nightshifts there. I don't have to interact with other people. It's perfect.

Man, I've changed since I was 20 years old. I learned how the world works. How humans work. And I realized that there's no place for me out there. I will never find another place that accepts me. Which is fine cause I found the one place that does. At home :) with my man, daughter and my family. The friends that I still have accepts me perfectly though :)

But it shows you how I've changed. I used to love going out, loved getting to know new people, new work places. Crowds. I liked it all. I was veeeeeery social. Center f the attention usually.

Until they showed me how cruel they could be. It was "the people" that showed me how different I am compared to others. And I will never be like them. (Thank the gods for that huh?) I learned that if your'e not alert and on the defence, you might get a penis in your face. Yep. Humans can be so evil....

I'll never forget that lesson. Trust no one but yourself. Ever. No matter how sweet and flattering they act. They'll either try to stab you in the back....or hit you over the face with a barbwired bat. Yep.

The people I trust can basically be counted on one hand, and I'm fucking fine with that <3

But this is a good day. Cause my life is good. I'm listening to good music. AC/DC, Kansas, Aerosmith.... I'm good :)

The ones I love the most are currently sleeping in our bed, all cuddled up together. See why it's hard to leave in the morning? It's just too darn sweet and cosy.

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