Saturday, April 9, 2016

Quantum Break

So, I'm currently playing Quantum Break. Which is a new game about time traveling and the consequences of such etc. I was a bit hesitant at first, but now I can definitely say that this game is pretty fucking awesome. I like the "tv show" that comes after after every episode too. It's a real tv show... or whatever you wanna call it. Only for xbox though. Which is cool lol

It's got iceman from X-men and little finger from GOT hahahahah Who has time to learn their names huh?
Imagine how much money the spent on this game and the show, to have good actors in it and then make a game with them in it. That's rare and cool.

The powers Jack's got are kinda cool too. I like that whole thing. Interesting story, plus the tv show is from the villains point of view :) And that a little different from usual shit ain't it? Well, I find the game really interesting. I like it a lot :D

Aaaah, Here's a few of my current favorite games. It's not all of them (cause tbh, they can't all fit the homescreen haha) I have a lot of them I guess.

welp, We've been leveling up in the Division tonight, and we're going to play some Resident Evil 6 later too. After I finish The Blacklist :D There's a new episode out ya know?

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