Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Lollipop Family

So I kinda felt that the family needed some Saturday treats. So I bought us lollipops haha two blue raspberry for me and honey. And one watermelon for Freya. The reason I got her one was that she gets to feel like a little grownup when she licks it. She looks so proud. And we share it. So after a few licks she always stretches it up for me to lick on. (And she gets sad if you don't lick it haha) it's so cute!
Plus it's something she'll be occupied with forever lol And also she never wants to actually eat it all which is good. That way she doesn't get much sugar in her system.
And she also happens to look adorable with a lollipop in her moth lol <3 (my hearts goes doki doki!)

Win win.

Her normal treat is dried fruit which she loves! They sell ecological 100% dried fruit bags. So I have dried cranberries, pineapple, mango and blueberries. And raisins of course. But she loves those fired blueberries. :)

I met an old friend at ICA too. Frost said we talked foreeeeever. Which simply ain't true. We may have talked for 20 minutes or so. Maybe. Haha it was a nice chat though :3


  1. Klubba är bra sysselsättning :D

    1. hahaha ja verkligen. Ungar är fan sysselsatta i timmar då ;D Ah, jag hade gått in på din blogg och svarat men den är ju låst. Sorry!


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