Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Happy Wednesday

Freya slept all night again! Second night in a row. Woho! She came in around 7 I guess and crawled up in bed.
We started the morning by watching Rise Of The Guardians in bed :) All snuggled up together.
And then Freya "did the dishes" while I made smoothies. :) Haha she loves playing in the sink. I gave her the spoon when I was done with it and she cleaned it for me. D'aaaw <3

And then we sat down and snuggled in the sofa and drank our breakfasts. Yep. And now we're watching The Smurfs. Yeah the old show from the 70's? She finds it amusing though.

Frost is a little sickly today so it's a Freya & Mommy day today! Wheeee~
We're about to go out and play a little. I think Frost kinda wants to join us, so I'll go make some tea for him so he wakes up a little lol

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