Sunday, April 10, 2016


It's such a nice day today.
And I don't have work until 4 o'clock today which is nice, and then the shift ends as usual tomorrow morning :D
I get to spend the day with my family then. Having fun and shit. Freya is currently taking nap, she's been tired ever since mom and Lasse dropped her off. But we went out for a family walk and made her even more tired lol But I needed that walk. The weather is awesome today. And Freya's so adorable that she actually draws a lot of attention to her from strangers haha we've gotten used to it pretty much. People turn their heads or start staring and you can see how they go 'Aaaaaw'.
I've had "cocky cool" teenagers go say aaaw too. Haha

Anyway. Enough bragging about my supercute daughter (she obviously get it from me haha) I've had a nice day off yesterday. And today is still a half day off which is rare. So I'm making sure I enjoy it :)
Freya stayed over at her granny and grandpa's place last night. She always looks so happy when she's there. And I like that. I love when my daughter is happy. She always get's to take a bath (and she loves water) and my sister made her some delicious banana & strawberry sorbet for her too. I seriously can't wait till they start going to the summer house. Me and Freya are totally joining them for a night or two!

Welp, I guess we'll do something while Freya sleeps. Maybe play The Division :3
I'm sharing some Ben & Jerry's Half Baked with Frost now.

Mmmm.... That's one of his favorites. I usually don't like that kind of ice cream but this one was delicious! Yum yum. Plus I really like it when I find something that he likes. :D

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