Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A new day & yesterday's dinner

Yeah I made a real nice dinner yesterday. :) Probably the best ground beef sauce I've ever made, so far. Haha
The Freyster and her dad ate it with gluten free macaronis, while I had it with broccoli. Finally, since before i was pregnant I'm starting to like broccoli again. Perfect timing too. I'll be eating a lot of broccoli from now on. Gonna go on the diet a little hardcore for myself here. I think I need it, (kinda like a kick in the ass)

Right now I'm on my way to work. Enjoying myself a large cup of cappuccino. (I deserve it. Especially considering how my ass is feeling. Sciatic fucknerve fucking with me)

Well I'll just fix things up on the blog inner I get to work. It'll be a busy day. Meeting and shit.

I'm listening to some Irish punk so kick the day going, but before that I actually listened to disturbed - sound of silence :) so good.

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