Saturday, April 9, 2016

They're back from the hospital

I decided to delete my previous post. It was such a negative and scary post really.
They finally got to go home :) And my mom and sister was with them the entire time.

It turns out Freya probably has food poisoning. I guess I should be relieved to hear that.
Her head is fine :) And she was superlively there hahaha till she threw up again. (either food poisoning or one hell of a vicious stomach flu) But it leans to poisoning.

lol Frost has changed clothes 5 times tonight due to the vomit. Guess we'll do laundry on our nice day tomorrow. Yep. I think I'll pamper him best I can tomorrow :)

She fell asleep fast, said Frost. I wish I could snuggle up with them too. (minus getting puked at of course) I hope she's not in pain. Poor baby koala. We'll snuggle in the morning. Hopefully she'll be supertired so I can snuggle her too in the morning.

Urk......... the alarm just went off. Someone is up and moving in this building. -_-
Damn it. I wanted a peaceful night at work.

I'll continue watching Outlander and House in a bit. 

Aaah I'm so happy my doodle is ok <3

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