Sunday, April 17, 2016


Haha Hi!
So, by the time you guys read this, it ain't even morning anymore. But who the fuck cares really? :3

Me and LeiLei got to enjoy our bus ride home. As usual no one wants to sit near us. Haha Which is perfect for me. I hate people. Heh~ LeiLei had fun too.

Ah, this morning when I woke up I was sooooo lost. I forgot that I was at work at first lol Andseone forgot to mention to me that a newbie was coming this morning to be next to us at work to see how we do it and shit. It's so they can learn. I'm sure every country has their own way of calling it something but we walk it 'walking at in sides' So she rang the door and I opened it thinking it was Anna. So I figured it's ok that I look like a total douchebag.
Yeah. It wasn't Anna. And there I was looking like a fucking fat turd with bloodshot eyes and bags under them. Hahah Abso-fucking-lutely gorgeous. -.-

And when I came home I suddenly got the worst tummy cramps ever.

Ever needed to take a shit so bad that you'd run someone over with your car if they were in your way?

Good thang I don't own a car.

Oh, am I sharing too much? Aaaw boofuckinghoo. Life is hard. Deal with it. lol

Anyway. Freyster got super excited to see me and so was Frost. Yay! So many hugs and kisses. Even Freya was on a kissing mood.
And then mom and Lasse had to show up right when I was dying on the bathroom floor..... Yep. Perfect time as usual. At one point I swear to god mom came to us right when I was giving Frost a... Uh... A.. Massage. With my mouth. Yeah. Wonderful massage that didn't happen. lol her timing is amazing sometimes hahahah

I'm sorry I could hang out for long though.

And when they left, she wanted to leave too. So she put on my crocks, her hat and then took Lasses umbrella Hahahah

Oh I'm gonna post a wish list for my birthday soon on the blog. Pew pew!

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