Monday, April 4, 2016

A good one

I came home from work around 10 today :3 That was nice. That meant I had a lot of the day left!

So we took a stroll, and ended up on town. Bought coffee and junk cause Mama needs her caffeine. And we also bought dog food and a guns 'n roses shirt for moi! Tehee~

The coffee was simply delicious. :) Yumyum. It's always a nice treat when you get one of those delicious coffees ya know? A flavor-adventure for the tastebuds so to speak.

Oh, Freya obviously looked adorable today just like always. Jeez, I could eat that cutesy pootsie up!! Nom nom! Look at them cheeks hahaha She enjoyed her trip to town too.

She's currently running around playing and talking and stuff. Showing off her supercute pantyhose :) They're grey with white big dots on them.
Oh and we're watching TWD! <3

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