Saturday, April 9, 2016

Another thing for my daughter

I seriously can't wait till she's old enough to enjoy movies. Right now they're fun cause they're moving and making noises which is cool for a kid :)

But when she starts to understand more (When she's capable of having a conversation) I will watch aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall the Ghibli movies with her. That world, man... I want her to grow up believing in that. So full of wonders and fantasies and magic.

And it's my duty to give her that.

I grew up believing in magic and fairytales (a part of me still does) and I can't wait to share that with Freya. I will always love Studio Ghibli movies, and Astrid Lingrens stories, sooooo many tales and stories. LOTR, Narnia, Peter Pan, Grimm, H.C Andersen etc etc.

The best part is I got most of them already! YAY!

But seriously, who here doesn't have a soft spot for Ghibli? :3

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  1. people that don't like Ghibli movies are not worthy <3


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