Thursday, April 14, 2016

Muchly loved

Freya gets sweeter and sweeter each day. She had so much fun at daycare today too. :) She ate sand! Yum. LOL

She acts so good there. Never throws her tantrums at daycare nope. You little snuggleMonster. I snuggled her to sleep while reading Kajsa Kavat to her. <3 So I'd say it's been a good night. Though I'll be getting VERY little sleep. I won't fall asleep until after 1am some time. (I know my body by now) so I just went to bed (and it's like 20 minutes past midnight)

I leveled up quite a bit today in The Division too. Me and my other half stayed up after Freya went to bed and played a little :3 which was awesome!!

Oh and he wrote me a birthday wish list (cause I made him write one lol) and as number 10 he nicely slipped in 'YOU! I want you. Cause you're the best gift ever'. D'aaaw!

My oh my, that man sure is smooth. Haha He's so fucking charming that I feel like attacking him haha

I'm sure I'll be able to give him at least one or two things from that list Hahahah

Oh right, I'm making Freya eat by herself as much as possible. See, she's a very creative little rascal so you can't be wearing anything nice. And you can't be heading somewhere afterwards cause she likes to splash things haha But she really is trying her hardest at eating like everyone else does. She wants to be a big girl. And she's so cute while doing it too. I don't want her to grow up anymore haha it's going too fast.

Man I gotta try and sleep now. I'm dying here.

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