Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Is this working?

I'm watching Hannibal ⌒.⌒
I've been working so hard since June that completely missed that the entire new season was out.
Sooooo why not watch it while at work huh?

Lady Boss was in mood for a pizza so we ordered a family pizza that we'll share, plus there'll be leftovers so she can have it for lunch tomorrow :D smart huh?

I'm insanely hungry too so id never say no haha I ate noodles earlier cause I feel kinda crappy but they didn't help at all. I'm still super hungry and nauseous. Θ_Θ

I tried to nap earlier... I had two hours I could nap on cause A's been busy playing Candy crush haha

But I just can't seem to relax even though I'm SO fucking tired. Meh. It truly sucks.

Oh something that didn't suck was The Avengers Age Of Ultron yesterday! Iiiiiiiieeeeh!!! ♡.♡
Neither did Mad Max fury toad. Gaaaaah...... *happy twirls *

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