Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Frost and I watched Spy last night after Freya went to bed.
I expected it to be kinda funny cause she's in it. The little...fluffier actress.
She's fucking hilarious! 

But, even though my expectations said 'it'll be funny but don't think too much of it...' IT WAS FUCKING HYSTERICAL!

It's been years since I saw such a good movie! It was so funny that I just burst out in hysterical laughter. Spit and tears flew lol

Aaaah, I'm glad I watched it cause it was one of the best movie I've seen.
And that's a big thing to say. It's definitely crawling it's way to the top on my comedy list.

If you need to laugh and just enjoy yourself.... this is it.

I knew Jason Statham had it in him. haha ^_^

Oh and also, Björn Gustavsson is in it! One of Sweden's (in my opinion) funniest comedians!

I woke up in extreme cramps this morning... so I had to get up and get a big O, and just get up basically. It's impossible to lay down when I'm like this.

On the bright side, once I'm up I get better faster. But I absolutely can't lay down (which sucks, especially when your'e tired...) so as long as I stay up and keeping busy it's fine.

I'm knitting right now... and about to watch Downton Abbey.
Buuuuut I do believe I hear a baby weasel rolling around in her bed now.
Someone's awake! YaY! <3

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  1. Jason Statham is legit too damn precious for this world <3


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