Monday, September 28, 2015

Picture explosion!!

So... It was a nice day at my extra job. It's been calm and fun. Most gorgeous subset too. See?  Everyone loved the cake btw. It really was tasty.

I've beeb playing Destiny tonight. I helped someone I got to know online to level his gear up ^_^

He's from Sweden too apparently. And he knows that I'm a hardworking mom and shit so he won't spam the fuck out of my account like others do lol Frost really didn't find it funny when it popped up in the screen ALL THE TIME. Blipp blipp!! It's really can't play properly.

Aaaaand the other pictures are just of my precious doodlepuff.

I missed Frost today. And Freya too. And LeiLei toooooooooooo!
But I missed Frost's snuggles hahha

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