Saturday, September 5, 2015

Two days off after this shift


See, I've planned this perfectly.... I haven't slept in almost a week or so. (Apart from the daily naps at work. And they're not long. ) So I'm kinda feeling a bit loopy from time to time haha

So, now that I have two days off after this shift, I'm going to take my little red pill that I hate so much. Just so I can rest a little. Screw the hangover it gives me. As long as the brain gets some rest, and my body too.

Aaaaw...Freya is supersick again -_-
And Frost is sickly now too.

Aaaaand here's the beauty of it all: I'm fucking getting sick too.

Damn it.

I listened to Freya coughing all night. Her small breaths... she had a fever. I was probably by her bed at least 9 times last night. My little angel. Her nose is so stuffed.

Aaaah, this made me realize that maybe I've been having a cold without realizing it?
maybe I'm not allergic here... maybe I've just been sick.

Mind blown right?

Anyway.... I had a very nice day off with my family yesterday. Though it felt way too short.

Oh right, Lei Lei went with me to work today. :D

Did I mention that my sister is moving in the stairway next to mine? Well amostt next to mine anyway :D

Uhm, right. A little message to Mandy, in case she's reading this....I sure do hope you're ok sweetie. Wherever you are. Be safe. Chris too, stay safe and healthy. Hope to hear from you guys soon.

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