Friday, September 4, 2015


Yep..autumn is most definitely here now. Yay! (one of my favorite seasons!)
It's been raining all night (and yet again I couldn't sleep..) and now I'm sipping on some coffee while listening to the rain outside. I opened the back door to get some rain air in haha

I woke up in nasty pains today.
It had been a while since last time... I've almost gotten a little spoiled. Cause now the pain hits me like Thor's hammer right in the gut. Blah.

I think this is the night personal fault though. Whenever THAT old lady comes here, I always manage to end up in cramps and pain.
A hates her guts. lol

But anyway... I think its about time to call the doc again. :/
It's getting colder outside.. And with the cold comes the pain.

I'm waiting for a new girl now. It's her first day today.
Sue seemed a little high strung and awkward. But you know me.... I LOVE cracking those awkward people like a nut! Hahaha

Welp... Playlist from the 80's is set. Now all I have to do is play it and wake up A. And when I'm done I GET TO GO HOME AND SNUGGLE!

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