Saturday, September 19, 2015

Thoughts and a slight rant

I guess you could say that I have a problem....Or maybe not? To care or not to care. That is the question.
Of course I care a bit...

I kinda have coworkers who don't like me. O_o (Yes yes I know everyone does)
I'm just not sure how to react. So I'm just pretending like it rains.
They can't get a hang of me (?) I'm difficult to get to know apparently. . . . .

It kinda made me feel like an outcast. Again. (Don't worry, my heart ain't broken)
But I mean.... am I that hard to like? I don't get it.
Though, I make them laugh like crazy. And I see that as a good thang.
Laughter is good for the soul.

But then again... I'm not trying to make new best fucking buddies here either. I'm well aware that I'm different from you. I know you think I'm weird. And..yeah. Guess I am a little weird ^^  haha
But what I do care about is that all my employers see me. That they see the real me and that they like me.

And I also know that some of the stuff they (you know...theeeeeeeeey) think about me is actually due to jealousy. (sad but true)
Yep. No need to get into details but I know this for a fact. It shows on your face.
Jealousy is an ugly trait btw. You should drop it.

Moving on:
So... I hate drama. And I told my employers this too. I told them that I don't want any part of it, even if it's me they're talking about. Let's all just pretend like it rains. I fucking hate drama and conflicts. I'm like fucking Switzerland. Keep your shit away from me. It's totally fine if you hate me. I can handle it. I'll still smile at you and talk to you and make jokes like usual. I mean....I hate some people too. (Actually I don't....I might not LIKE some people but I don't dislike hate them either) But my point is, everyone's entitled to their own opinion. <----

Just make sure it's your OWN. And not something others feed you.
I know ladies talk. And some are weaker than others...and they get swayed by others opinions.

I guess I'm just not cut out to get along with chicks?
All the girls I do get along with are kinda............................well....Different lol

And I fucking love all of you.
And I know you know who you guys are. Duh.
Which ladies do I get along with? Hmmm. haha

And for you others that don't like me:

Yes. I know. You have no idea who Joan is. You don't know much about older music at all do ya? Meh. At least one of my employers do. And we have fucking awesome rock medleys daily!

Aaaaaaaaaaaah I work night shifts at my other jon next week. Shit. It's been over a month almost since I worked there last time. Gosh. Time flies. Half of them love me, the other half don't know, and a few are like meh. haha Story of my life.

Back to topic.
This phenomenon just makes me  realize it more and more that I ain't cut out to make new friends. It's always like this. They either love me and gets super into me real fast, or they back away. Acting like I'm a freak that might bite.

And the ones that likes me usually REALLY likes me.

Thank God both my (or should I say all Three) of my employers likes me a lot :D

And one of them is currently snoring like hell. lol
I care about this certain one's opinion though. She matters to me.
I like this employer plus I have fun with her. So as long as I have someone who likes me, that's always better than 5 who hates me ^^

Guess it's time for me to go to bed too. Got some cleaning to do first.


  1. Haha, how good is blogger for emptying your feelings like yesterday's spoiled soup!? Say it ain't so? They don't like you?! Crackpots...

    The thing is I'm guessing your very keen on making an impression. It's human nature. But it sounds to me you are picking away at your flaws a little just a tiny bit. Stop being so hard on yourself. Weird is cool and you know Friends at work just happen. And well if you feel these people are fickas (a wanted tae use a Swedish curse word) and just bring drama. Just be nice it will annoy them more. And you're right to be Switzerland. Don't give too much advice IF they come to you and just get on with the work. Focus on the people who are worth it. Don't care, thats one thing you taught me not to care. You huv yer mates, your man, your amazing daughter and family and a big fluffy dug! You have a lot of things going for you. Don't let fuckers bring you down. It's why I always end my posts with "fuckers" cause a know there are gonna be people who dislike me reading my posts.. Say people in England or America... Keep the rants up its what blogger can provide (not too much though) and chin up. And also remember do it for her. Freya and do it for him Frost. Good luck.

    1. Aaah, well here's the thing. I never hang out with my coworkers. It's always one person here working. And then you meet ONE coworker at the end of the shift when you go home, so I don't do much 'socializing' with them. I'm just me. How can you judge someone so soon without knowing me? O_o Weird. Yup. They're the weird ones. Not me lol Though I take great pride in making them laugh their asses off. They can say whatever they want. Their laughter's real. :) And that's always one good thing. Apparently I'm great at telling stories.

  2. Pssshhh. Who cares if a bunch of nobodies like you? You have meeeeeeeeeeeeee (and everyone else... duh... but I just really wanted to make it known that I like you a buuunch), and considering that you managed to make me like you, you're pretty dang awesome.
    It sucks that they are slow on the intake and can't take in all of the awesome-ness that is Jo and enjoy the ride, but then again... more of the Jo(y)-ride for the rest of us! Just sayin. One day they will realize they have missed out and that's their own fault.

    Focus on the people that adore you instead and just keep pretending that it's raining!



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