Monday, September 14, 2015


I'm crazy sleepy around noon these days.
But then again....

I can't wait till the next week off I'll have. haha It's like two or three weeks tills then but still!
Gosh, I may need some coffee now. Yep. That I may.

Oh and here's some news for ya'll.
Frost and I are officially planning our wedding :D YaY!
I can't wait till the day comes. But it'll be sometime around spring I guess. ^_^

YaY Frosty, You schmexy beast. This is our new adventure. It'll be so cool.
Although we both kinda want the honeymoon to just come like NOW.

We got plans. Plans we got. How nice   ^_~

I like to sit and plan things with him. It's quite fun.

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