Monday, September 14, 2015

Animal fun

So, I've had a few days off from work now and IT FUCKING FEELS AMAZING.
I loved my days off. I needed it so bad.f

This is why I work so hard. For this week off. (although I did work on my week off)

Anyway, yesterday (sunday) Stina came and picked me and FreyFrey up and took us to her work :D And we got to say hello to all the animals. I swear to god, Freya smiled the whole day yesterday.

Freya had fun and so did I :)
Plus is was nice to catch up a little with Stina.
When she called yesterday I felt like i had so much to do and that I couldn't go...but then I decided that I don't wanna be the one who's always too busy for fun.

And I'm glad I went and had some fun with Stina, Lea and my baby weasel!
She got to pet all kinds of animals and look at them. Yup.

I had a shocking moment when we werre looking at all the turtles....and suddenly I yelled 'OMG GOD! What's wrong with you! Where's your shell?!' when I saw a "turtle". His shell was missing.

And then I was just a weird looking reptile thingy. Not a turtle. hahaha

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