Thursday, March 16, 2017

Hello Wednesday!

Well oh well.... it's been... a hectic week, since last tinm I wrote. For the first time ever, Freya got the vicious "winter vomit flu". A nasty fucking stomach flu. She threw up....eeeeeverywhere. So much puke.  Gosh... poor baby. And she kept saying "I'm sorry... I'm sorry." every time after she threw up. She was so ashamed.... 😔And we tried to comfort her and tell her to not apologize for being sick.

It's also been an extremely snuggly week. So many snuggles haha (and that's definitely a huge plus lol)

I've been taking very long walk these days. And your every evening and morning. Yep yep. In the evening time i always go with friends, so I never walk alone at night: ) 
I've had issues with my knees these past two days though. Much better today. But I think it was yesterday  (?) That I could barely stand up. The swelling was insane... swelled up to twice the size of my kneecap ffs. Brutal pain...
Well...thats in the past now. :) 
I've also been quite busy with the new Ghost recon :) obviously. 
It's got a crappy score if you read online, but I don't understand why... both me and Frost think it's an awesome game. Great co-op too. (That's one of the bestest parts!)  And huuuuuuuuge maps. And the weapons are fun. Plus you drive everywhere too. Either by car or by helicopter haha it's fucking awesome. I'm having a lot of fun with that game. It's like me and Frost have our little nerdy gamerdates when we play it ❤

Ah, talking about dates.... Frost and I had a date night last weekend actually. We went to see "Logan". God damn it, that was a brilliant and beautiful movie. ♡
And since mom asked if Freya could stay over tomorrow night as well, we figured that maybe...maaaaybe (if there's a good movie out)  we'll go to see a movie. Or maybe dinner instead? Hmm...we'll see.

I actually had lunch at Jimmy's diner today. And hoooooly chicken nuggets... it was deeeeelicious. 😍 Yum yum! I am so totally bringing Frost there some day. Hot damn it was a great place. Plus, the service was awesome. :) 

I had a blast with mom, just driving around catching Pokemons and shit hahahaha yeah I had fun 😊

Well, I'm about to meet a friend in about an hour or 2. Depending in when the laundry is done. So I should do some exercises...

Oh oh oh I soooo want to spoon Frost tonight. Uh huh. I'm in a spooning kind if mood lol And so I shall. ❤❤❤

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  1. I totally want to see Logan *^* It actually looks soooo goood in comparison to the other Wolverine movies.

    Also, fun fact, I also had the same nasty flue! I'M FINALLY FREE TODAY. WOOP WOOP.
    Hope little freyster gets well soon <3 much love to you all!

    MISS YOU LOADS. duh.


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