Sunday, March 19, 2017


So we were supposed to go see John Wick 2 at the movies last Friday. (John Wick was awesome so I bet the new one is too) so as you may have figured out by that, we never went. My knees got so fucked up...swollen and they hurt like a motherfucker. Standard EDS shit really.

So we couldn't go :(

But the theater actually wrote me today and said that they sent me free tickets to their theaters ❤🙏 That's so thoughtful and nice! 
Especially since I was really sad that we couldn't go...

Today we've been out on a walk. Popped by mom & Lasse that were spring cleaning on their backyard.and then we went and picked up Natta. 
After that Frost wasn't that interested in listen to lady chatted and such lol so he stayed at home while Natta, Freya and I went to the park. Luckily we didn't pick a oark far away this time as we had planned... Cause Freya took a HUGE dump there ahahahah 
So we just had to trot home ahaha

Right now me and Freya are watching Netflix programs in the bedroom. It's really nice. Though I got tired of carebears so I started watching The Good wife instead Hahah 
But we're sitting next to each others, snuggling ❤ I like this. She's so damn sweet. Holding my hand ❤

Ah and I've been folding laundry at the same time haha 😁 multitasking ✌

Well time to get some evening snacks. Well... if Freya will let me leave the bed that is. Haha!

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