Friday, March 31, 2017

it's kind of a sad day

Well, yeah... it is a little sad, cause it's an ending.
But all ending comes with new beginnings I suppose.

Today I said good bye to one of the closest people in my life.
I don't think she realized even that she was that important. But so be it.

But I wish her the best, and good luck in life.

I'll tell Freya stories in the future about the crazy funny lady that I once knew haha
I'll still be around if she ever moves on and becomes that "better me" that she's striving to be. I hope she'll become everything she wants to be. And I hope she finally find happiness.
It's only natural that I'll miss her, of course I'd miss someone I care about. But this friendship was doomed I guess. Ain't no going back now.

I'm not gonna drag this on, I just wanted to say that not all endings are of a sad nature.
This is a new beginning for her. New possibilities and new adventures.

Good luck

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  1. I love you ❤ /The lady that farts on the balcony and the farts goes pew pew pew and Lei Lei goes bananaz


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