Friday, March 24, 2017

Oh it's already friday again

Well Freya's only been to daycare/preschool for or two days this week lol
I planned on her staying home on Wednesday cause I feel like I want to spend way more tome with her. :)
So I told her teachers that she'd be home that day and that she'd come back on thursday again.

At the end of Tuesday her fever hit 39,7 c. Like BOOM. She was burning up.
And it just kept getting higher. And that's always awful for a parent, cause you know your babygirl is suffering and feeling weak and puny. It's always heartbreaking really. I wonder if that'll ever change... She slept in our bed all night, so we could monitor her breathing and stuff. Frost was like a big goose covering up it's little baby goose <3
She's been completely exhauseted.... and sooooooo so snuggly. She was either on top of one of us at all times, or cuddles up in a snuggle fort in the sofa haha Watched carebears and Disney stuff all day long.

And yesterday she got better. But you gotta stay at home for 24 hours after a fever too so...

We decided to hang out with a very good friend :)
Plus our daughters are pretty much the same age so... haha

We went to the funland today (for toddlers) It's awesome for our weasels.

Aaaand at the end of our funday, Freya and Lykke got free ice cream :D woooh!

I'm exhausted.... and have been since yesterday or the day before.... I need rest. Soooo so bad.
But today was Freya's fun day so it didn't matter really. But I really do need to sleep now. Yup.

Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah... I'm so sleepy. I'm dyiiiiiiiiing.... haha

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